Friday, 20 February 2009

Diary of an unborn writer #20

I've been trying to get away from it but there's no denying: I'm not much good at this...exisiting.

It makes sense to me. And I have for it the highest hopes you could wish for a thing but in its engagement I'm rather worn down. Conversations and positions I'm required to take, each day wearing down. I enjoy the experiences and pass through many of them with a happy smile and care for those that pass before me but there's an overhanging play that gets too much sometimes.

I've spent the day in bed. A few months ago I was in bed a little more morose. More peaceful now but tired just the same. I've earned this rest and listening to Bon Iver, emailing friends and meditating has made this close to the perfect day.

I have not stepped outside the door once.

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