Friday, 20 February 2009

Diary of an unborn writer #17

High hopes and bight prospects characterise the start of this weekend.

I'm beginning to learn calligraphy - carving Sanskrit letters with impossible meanings in ink with a brush.

Take, for example, DHIH, positioned on the right (with kind thanks to Jayarava

  • Dhih is the seed syllable of Prajnaparamita - believed to hold all the wisdomto which that teaching points within its three line and two dot form.
  • Prajnaparamita means 'Perfection of Wisdom' - Buddha's most perfect lesson
  • It also means 'Mother of the Buddhas' - the Wisdom that gives rise to each and every Buddha.
  • The teachings of Prajnaparamita were so precious that Buddha waited 400 years before revealing them. On his death he gave them to the Nagas - mythical snakes that kept the teachings deep within the Earth.
  • In order to delver them Gautama Buddha climbed to the top of Vulture Peak and shone forth from the soles of his diamond feet sixty four billion trillion rays that permeated every being in the billion world universe - East and North, South and West, Zenith and Nadir - instantly enlightening the soul of every being in every dimension at all times.
  • It was only then that he began to speak
  • The wisdom of Prajnapramita is described in terms such as: Ungraspable, unknowable, unfathomable, sheer presence, pure suchness.
  • It's an infinite swirl of transcendental consciousness in 100, 000 verses
  • It has also been condensed into 24 verses and the shortest version simply consisting of the letter 'A'.
  • The sutras are a torrent unpicking every thought; indeed showing each and every thought to be glaring transparency. The reader is left in awe and disabled - thrilled at the cosmos and its insubstantiality, even Love stripped bare of its fascinating pedestal.
And we a re permitted to conceive of all this condensed into a single monosyllabic sound:


Prajnaparamita is the wisdom about which nothing can be acurately expressed. So here I'll close.

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